Our Mission to Save the Sea Turtles


There are many conservation pressures both on land and at sea that are driving the local and global decline in marine turtles.  The main threats to sea turtles in this area are:

  • over-fishing which leads to the incidental capture of sea turtles
  • pollution resulting in sea turtles inhaling and ingesting hazardous material
  • poaching which remains a major problem in Costa Rican coastline
  • dogs digging up the turtle nests
  • infrastructure development and habitat loss
  • climate change resulting in decreased rainfall and rising sea levels eliminating foraging opportunities and nesting beaches for all species of turtles

Our goal is to develop progressive partnerships to produce integrated conservation, education, and research tools for healthy sea turtle populations and the maintenance of the aquatic and terrestrial habitats that are vital to their persistence alongside changing climates and sustainable human economies.

1. Integrated Conservation

Develop a community of environmental stewards by establishing partnerships with universities and international cooperations as well as local leaders with the common goal of turtle conservation.

2. Education

Expand current educational programs to include local schools, surrounding communities, and tourists and visiting groups to increase awareness about the many threats to sea turtles and our role in protecting the species.

3. Research Tool

Achieve better biological understanding of local nesting trends and population through consistent data collection, patrols, in- water surveys, and PIT and flipper tag application.



Time to Save the Sea Turtles